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Bayer is proud to once again sponsor the weed management special issue of Nursery Management. For the third year in a row, this issue has provided valuable insights into the ongoing and ever-changing challenges growers face. Carefully examining those important trends — and the new ones in this edition — help us focus on what matters: bringing innovative ornamentals solutions and expertise to support your growing business.

As an ornamental grower, what you do isn’t just special — it’s uniquely beautiful. Every day, you cultivate and grow the flowers and plants that transform the environments where we live, work and play. At Bayer, we want to help you continue to grow your operation and find success by providing expert advice in addition to a balanced and innovative product portfolio with demonstrated and proven results.

We recently brought innovation to the industry through an expanded use labeling of Marengo®, a selective, preemergence herbicide that provides up to eight months of control on broadleaf weeds, grasses and annual sedges and is labeled for use on more plants than ever before to control more weeds. Marengo is now labeled for use inside greenhouses while plants are present, and it can be used on 178 additional plants and controls 15 additional weeds. It’s also now approved for over-the-top application on 12 added plants in nursery settings, giving growers even more flexibility than before. There has never been a better time to try Marengo.

We know that watching the bottom line and managing labor costs is always top of mind, and in 2022, labor challenges have been front and center for many. No other herbicide lasts as long in production settings (up to eight months with Marengo and up to five months with Marengo® G). And since no product lasts longer than Marengo, it can help reduce labor costs by eliminating the need for repeat applications, ultimately making it one of the most cost-effective program options for weed management.

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August 2022
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