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We’ve all been there. You’re walking a crop to make sure it’s on track for shipping — checking roots, looking for buds and making sure spacing is on track. And then you see it. Maybe it’s a bit of stippling on a leaf, a set of white wings that fly out when you touch a plant, or a papery skin that makes you look a little closer. Whatever the symptom, there are few worse feelings for a grower than checking a crop that’s ready to ship and finding an insect pest.

At Bayer, we understand the challenge of seeing your hard work impacted by pests. It’s not just frustrating — it affects your bottom line. That’s why we’re proud to offer a portfolio of solutions that goes above and beyond, covering your crop from every angle. Altus® is a non-neonicotinoid option that provides long-lasting systemic and foliar control of piercing and sucking pests and can be used before, during and after bloom. Kontos® offers true systemic activity that moves both up and down in plant tissue to control sucking insect and mite pests. With excellent knockdown and residual control of all life stages of mites and whiteflies, Savate® brings a unique mode of action to your rotation.

Late summer to early fall is a peak time for insect activity. With fall crops being planted, now is the perfect time to make sure your pest management plans are up to speed. To help support you, we created a Pest ID Guide with photos to identify common insect, disease and weed pests, as well as descriptions and management tips. Printed in a flipbook format and weather-resistant, it’s meant to be used in the field. Because we know one challenge growers face is finding resources that reflect your workforce, the guide is available in both English and Spanish. Click here to order copies for your team.

Your job is challenging, but it’s also uniquely beautiful. Every day, you cultivate the flowers and plants that transform the environments where we live, work and play. At Bayer, we are committed to being partners in your success. We are here to provide industry-leading technology and best-in-class support to ensure that the journey of growing plants is just as beautiful as the result.

– Jane Stanley
Green Solutions Team Specialist

September 2022
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