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Nursery Management is the leading trade publication serving wholesale nursery growers. We provide the latest production, marketing and business management tips to help growers increase their profits. Nursery Management is the industry’s most trusted voice. Our team provides unparalleled content, including the latest news, exclusive research, and technical and business management content. We’re the most respected and longest standing brand, giving you access to an established, engaged audience that depends on us for the information they need to run and grow their businesses.

The wholesale nursery market plays a vital role in the green-industry supply chain. With hundreds of thousands of acres planted across North America, nursery operations of varying sizes provide containerized and field-grown trees, shrubs and perennials. Nursery growers make significant capital investments in their crops, many of which are in the ground or in containers for years before they’re ready for market. These nursery products grace home and commercial landscapes, city parks and urban forests. Nursery plants are vital to the economic and physical health of communities contributing to cleaner air, cleaner water, wildlife habitats, lower utility bills, higher land values and happier citizens.

In addition to a regular print magazine issue that is also delivered as a digital edition and available on mobile devices, Nursery Management offers you several unique options to extend your brand such as: category-linked advertising and other sitewide ads, weekly and exclusive category e-newsletters, direct e-blasts, research sponsorships and more. To learn about all our marketing solutions, visit our Media Kit page.